About us

In 2017, young culture enthusiastic people have set their agenda once again to shape the art and culture scene. As in the years before, we demand more experiments, more (sub-)culture and more exchange between art and reality. No matter if students, artists, programmers, craftswoman and -men, or simply positive city dwellers – we are all united by the aim of revitalizing abandoned areas and buildings by the means of art and culture and by bringing these places and their history back into public awareness.

About the festival

Begehungen is an independent arts and culture festival dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. It takes place in August and is organised by Begehungen e. V., a non-profit association working on a voluntary basis.

Once a year, the festival, which is well known beyond the city limits, invites its visitors to initiate debates about selected themes by using the means of art. Begehungen was started by director Beate Kunath and journalist Lars Neuenfeld and had its premiere in Chemnitz’ city district Sonnenberg in 2003. Ever since, it has developed into a recurring statement of culture. The festival encourages all citizens, visitors and art lovers to become part of and to enjoy the art scene of Chemnitz.


The entrance to Begehungen festival 2017 is free.


Begehungen No. 14 are organised voluntarily by:

Anatoli Budjko, Yvonne Friedrich, Stephan Gerstmann, Luise Grudzinski, Karin Hübler, Jeremias Kempt, Marc Melzer, Tobias Möller, Lars Neuenfeld, Christian Pietschmann, Tim Plagemann, Oliver Presch, Gabi Reinhardt, Daniel Tändler, Anne-Katrin Timpel, Frank Weinhold

Press and downloads

Press contact:

Luise Grudzinski
Anne-Katrin Timpel
Yvonne Friedrich